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The Black Fall is a progressive rock band from Enschede, the Netherlands. Although progressive music is a major inspiration, their influences come from a wide span of musical styles. In the fall of 2016 they released their first full -length album ‘THE TIME TRAVELER’. The album is about taking a trip back and fourth in time while perspectives change and moods color the sounds; vigorous, sometimes confusing, sometimes satisfying, but mostly dark.

Founded in 2012, The Black Fall found their final form in 2013. That was also the moment the song writing started. Mid 2014 they digitally released their first demo containing two songs. It was very well received. While the band began working on a full -length album they played supporting shows for bands such as Ten Years After, Kong and Focus. In the meantime they got noticed by Poppodium Atak and in cooperation with Menno Gootjes (Focus’ guitarist) a coaching project started. A big thanks to Menno for his expertise and guidance in making the right choices. The band grew and the song writing got better; more profoundly, more cohesive and more challenging. ‘THE TIME TRAVELER’ is a huge step forward for the band.

The same as progressive music evolves, The Black Fall evolves. So, while touring with ‘THE TIME TRAVELER’, the creative proces will continue.

Stefan Herbers | Guitars & Vocals
Wouter Lubberts | Guitars
Luuk ter Denge | Bass & Vocals
Tiemen Claus | Drums

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